The 10 Essential Elements for Creating A Garden 

Do you want to design a garden to take full advantage of the summer? Creating a garden cannot be improvised. Suppose you want to highlight your green spaces and enhance the aesthetics of your property. In that case, you must count on the professionalism and expertise of landscapers such as landscape construction companies in Dubai. Indeed, a company specializing in garden design will be able to create outdoor spaces for you that combine practicality, functionality and aesthetics while creating magnificent harmonies with the architecture of your home.

Discover the 10 essential elements for creating a successful garden!

1. Choosing a Landscape Construction Company in Dubai

When you want to design a creative, original and unique garden, it is essential to call one of the landscape construction companies in Dubai that stands out for the quality of its work but also for its proven expertise in the field. The choice of your landscaping company will have a direct consequence on the final quality of your project.

Elkin Landscape has specialized in landscape design in Dubai and other areas of the United Arab Emirates for over 12 years. Elkin Pool and Landscape Company is a certified Master Landscaping company. Discover their creations that will surprise you!

2. Planning the Pool and Landscape Project

The success of your garden design relies on your planning. Indeed, creating a garden is sometimes a tedious step when you have little knowledge in the field. This is why a landscape design company takes the time to identify all your needs, your ideas, and your tastes to offer you tailor-made ideas based on your budget. Landscape architects are the professionals best qualified to receive your ideas and transform them into original, unique projects adapted to your needs.

Gardening Landscape Planning

3. Creating Drawings and Plans

It is sometimes complex to imagine your landscaping project in advance without concretely visualizing the elements that will make up your garden. In order to obtain some peace of mind and bring your project to life, landscape architects at Elkin Pool and Landscape Company will help you visualize your garden using 3D drawings and plans. You are protected from unpleasant surprises!

4. Material Selection

Whether you decide to do paving, build fences or even create a patio, the choice of materials is important. Indeed, it is important to opt for weather-resistant, strong and durable materials. Between stone, paving stones, concrete or even wood, you have the choice between countless materials for your garden.

garden materials

5. Designing a Patio

Increasingly popular, patios are real assets for enjoying additional outdoor space for dining, relaxing or entertaining loved ones. Very modern, the patios will bring you practicality and comfort during the summer season. To create a patio, you must determine the covering to select, as well as the desired dimensions with your Pool and Landscape Company.

6. The Integration of Bodies of Water

Relaxing, original or even essential for cooling off in summer, bodies of water bring charm to your garden while providing you with undeniable comfort. Whether you want a water basin to place plants and fish, an outdoor swimming pool, or even a spa, the integration of a body of water must be planned in the creation of your garden.

7. The Harmony of Plants and Plants

To feel surrounded by nature in your garden and to create impressive visual effects, you need to think about your plants. Depending on your sunlight exposure and the architecture of your property, the professionals of landscape construction companies in Dubai are able to offer you the best combinations of plants and plants when designing your landscape in Dubai. This personalized selection will create magnificent harmonies in your green spaces!

8. Installation of Lighting

Often neglected, lighting is nevertheless essential to enjoy your garden day and night. On hot summer nights, you will be delighted to be able to observe your bodies of water while enjoying the nighttime brightness of your patio with friends. When designing your garden, it is possible to select several types of lighting that will blend perfectly with your landscaping in Dubai.

landscape lighting

9. Purchasing Furniture

Whether for your patio, to enjoy your swimming pool or to decorate your garden, your furniture is essential. Tables, chairs, loveseats, benches, hammocks or even parasols, you must carefully select your furniture to benefit from a comfortable, relaxing and practical green space.

10. Landscaping Maintenance

Once you have created your garden, it is essential to maintain your garden regularly. Indeed, the design of a landscape requires a certain financial investment. If you want to maintain the quality of your landscaping in a lasting manner, you absolutely must carry out frequent landscaping maintenance. The team at Elkin Pool and Landscape Company can maintain your garden every week, every month or every year!

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