Transform Your Lawn with ElkinCorp’s Garden Maintenance Professionals

Your garden may be looking boring and neglected but not anymore. Try our professional garden maintenance services that make an impact on your outdoor transformation. Harsh climate conditions in the UAE can make your garden maintenance demanding. Our professional team has the experience, expertise and technologically advanced equipment needed to give your garden a new life by making it lush, and greener.

Our services include lawn maintenance, trimming of hedges, flower bed care and more. Why settle for a dull garden when you can turn it into a vibrant and relaxing one while enhancing your property’s curb appeal?

Tired of Overgrown Lawns and Untidy Gardens?

Enjoy a hassle-free garden, free from frustrations for overgrown lawns or messy gardens. Our team ensures a lush, vibrant garden irrespective of the season. A neglected garden can negatively impact your garden’s overall appeal and feel of your property. Elkin Corp specializes in tackling the most challenging of garden issues with its personalized garden maintenance services.

Our team can create a visually striking outdoor transformation. We are trusted by customers by providing the best garden maintenance services that keep your gardens in pristine conditions.

Struggling to Keep Your Garden in Shape?

Harsh climate conditions and busy lifestyles in Dubai and Abu Dhabi make beautiful garden maintenance a challenge. You are not alone if you keep finding yourself struggling to keep your garden in shape. There is a solution to the difficulties that many homeowners face. ElkinCorp’s specialized garden renovation and maintenance services are designed to make your garden hassle-free.

Our professional team can handle everything from regular maintenance to emergency care. This helps create a garden that remains in the best condition irrespective of the weather conditions. Our advanced techniques and latest equipment helps delivering results beyond expectations, ensuring a peace of mind, giving you more time to enjoy your beautiful garden.

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Comprehensive Garden Maintenance Services

Our comprehensive garden maintenance services are designed to address every aspect of your garden plantation needs. Our services are:


Clean and healthy lawn maintenance is necessary and can be done through regular mowing. Our team uses the latest equipment for an even cut to promote uniform and healthy grass growth. Our mowing service schedule is personalized to suit your lawn needs by considering grass type, growth rate, and seasonal variations

We increase weed, drought and disease resistance in your grass by maintaining optimal height. This also ensures that your lawn is vibrant, lush and thriving throughout the year. ElkinCorp’s lawn and garden maintenance services can ensure a greener lawn in mint condition for a small garden as well as large commercial outdoors.


The use of top-grade fertilizers helps nourish your plants and lawn. This aids in delivering nutrients necessary for healthy growth. ElkinCorp’s fertilization programs facilitate your soil and plants through a perfect mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Fertilization on a regular basis helps with healthy growth as well as the colour and vitality of your plants and lawn.

The gardens we maintain replenish soil nutrients to survive the extreme environmental issues and seasons. Our professional fertilization techniques are trusted by our customers since our services keep their gardens healthy and flourishing.

Weed Care

An attractive and cleaner garden maintenance has an active weed control component. Weed care services prevent unwanted plants from spreading all over your garden. This helps with beauty and health preservation. Our environmentally friendly and effective methods target and clear up weeds without harming the healthier plants.

Our proactive approach is comprehensive and includes pre-emergent treatments to prevent weed seed germination as well as post-emergent treatments to clear existing weeds. Garden maintenance services by Elkin Corp include regular weed control for a garden free from unseen and invasive plants so your flowers, shrubs and lawns thrive.


Mulching is a technique to retain soil moisture, suppress weed growth and uplift your overall garden’s appeal. We use premium-grade mulch that may be organic like wood chips or bark or even inorganic like stones or rubber, all personalized to your garden requirements. Mulching helps reduce evaporation while regulating soil temperature and structure. This helps with water conservation.

This makes your garden beds stand out. Our garden maintenance services involve the application of mulch to protect your plants and promote health, giving well looked-after and lush gardens.

Trimming & Pruning

It is essential to get your plants and trees to be trimmed and pruned for health and an appealing shape. Our team of professionals uses the latest techniques to promote new growth, and remove dead or branches with diseases. This maintains the desired shape and size of your plants. Implementing proper pruning techniques helps with the flower and fruit production capacity of your plants by improving air circulation while reducing pest infestation and diseases.

Elkin Corp personalizes trimming and pruning services to match your plant’s needs to promote good health and visual appeal. Our specialized garden maintenance services utilize professional trimming and pruning trusted by customers for a stunning and well maintained garden.

Garden Maintenance

Why Go For the Best Company in Garden Maintenance

We are one of the top garden maintenance companies in the UAE with several years of experience, expertise and a passion for gardening. We are trusted by our clients to deliver the best garden maintenance services for exceeding expectations. Elkin Corp takes pride in the work we deliver and the commitment to deliver exceptional quality.

Our professional team is reliable, experienced, and dedicated and has the experience to maintain the highest standards of garden care and maintenance. We use the advanced tools and the latest techniques for your garden so that it receives the care it deserves. Choose Elkin Corp for the best garden maintenance services and differentiate between professional garden maintenance companies.

Serving Dubai and the UAE

Our team of professionals can bring your dream garden back to life no matter where you are from in the UAE. ElkinCorp’s garden maintenance services are available across the region for the care and attention your garden deserves. If you have been searching for garden maintenance near me or looking for specialized services for residential landscaping, look no further as we have the expertise to meet your needs.

We commit to delivering exceptional results. This commitment has enabled us to deliver garden maintenance projects of all scales and complexities over time. As a garden maintenance services provider, we are dedicated to helping you achieve a visually appealing and healthy garden. Our services have served small urban gardens and commercial landscapes alike.

ElkinCorp’s experienced gardening team is dedicated to providing high-quality service for refreshing and attractive gardens. We have an in-depth understanding of the challenges of the region and offer solutions just for your needs. Let us help you create and maintain a beautiful garden that you’ll be proud to show off to your friends and family!

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