Design & Consultation

Get Expert Design and Consultation to Transform Your Space!

Find out how we can personalize design and consultation services to match your dreams with reality. Our comprehensive landscape and swimming pool design solutions are in harmony with your lifestyle. Think about walking into your backyard and being welcomed by a shimmering swimming pool.

The space is calm and appealing, perfect for relaxing after a long working day. Our team specializes in designing customized landscapes according to your identity and preferences. Every project has unique requirements like every human.

Our landscape design services are here to transform any outdoor area. From residential landscape designs to more complicated landscape design villas.

Every detail we add has perfection to it. Picture a garden with colorful flowers, lush greenery, and a peaceful pathway in the middle of all that. A place where you can escape the long tiring day to unwind.

We offer a broad and diverse range of innovative and premium options. Our 3D swimming pool design style allows us to visualize your dream pool even before construction. This step ensures customer satisfaction for the project.

Landscape Design and Consultation

Relaxing and Practical Outdoor Spaces After A Long, Tiring Day

Our landscape design and consultation service is specifically for those backyard owners who work hard during the day only to find pale grass with a lot of sand in their lawns.

Elkin Corp helps you have scenic garden views while relaxing. This also helps owners find a spot for outdoor living space and better property appraisals.

Ideation to Creation
Swimming Pool Design and Consultation

Swimming Pool Design and Consultation

Finely crafted luxurious and innovative swimming pool designs.

Whether you enjoy a classic pool, an infinity pool, or something customized. We have the swimming pool design and consultation service for a multitude of pool design audiences.

Not only do we have a commitment to quality but also have the most talented designers.

What to Expect From Elkin Corp?

Transforming outdoor spaces into inviting retreats, here is what to expect when you start working with us:


Your journey at Elkin Corp begins with the discovery phase. We want to know about your dream backyard. Whether it’s a landscape design, swimming pool design, or turning your backyard into an attractive landscape design villa.

We explore your space and discuss the possibilities according to your needs, preferences, and budget. This is the phase where we explore the wildest possibilities for your scenario.


Next, we move to consultation. This is where experienced consultants at Elkin Corp share their ideas and plans with you. Whether it’s for a residential landscape design or creating a modern pool. Our consultants discuss the options and possibilities available for your space.

In this phase, we answer your questions so you feel confident and excited about the project. We turn ordinary backyards into extraordinary shelters for you to enjoy after long, tiring days.


Now comes the most engaging phase, the design phase. Our talented landscape architects create detailed plans, architectures and 3D models for your project. With our 3D models, you get to see exactly how your dream space will look like.

For a landscape design villa, we make aesthetically practical layouts that fit your lifestyle. Our pools can be visualized for each detail using the 3D swimming pool design. We work with you to have the perfect design before finalizing.


After the design finalization phase, our skilled craftsmen start with the construction work. We use the highest quality construction materials and the latest construction techniques. Whether we are building a breath-taking new pool or transforming your garden as per residential landscape design. Our construction team does the hard work so you can relax and manifest your dreams into reality.


As soon as the construction work is complete and your new space is ready to enjoy, we hand over the project to you. You can now dive into your new pool or relax in your inviting landscaped garden. With our above ground swimming pool designs, shaped pool, 3D swimming pool designs, and expert landscape designs. Your backyard will be the most unforgettable memories place.

Why Choose Us

Start with the discovery of our amazing swimming pool and landscape designs. We are here to assist you throughout each phase. Imagine a modern pool to relax by or a garden to find peace with your family and friends.

Experience and Expertise

With decades of experience in swimming pool design, landscape design, and residential landscape design. Our skilled team creates impressive designs that are functional spaces.

We understand the kind of design that works for each property. From landscape design villas to comfy backyard lawns. We have the experience to give reality to your vision.

Innovative Solutions

We are up-to-date with technology and contemporary ideas to design your perfect pool or garden.

We use innovative technologies like 3D swimming pool designs to help visualize your pool before we build it. This helps you see your pool with realistic details. Whether you want a lap pool, modern pool or an above-ground swimming pool design. We have the right mix of creativity to make that happen.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is our number one priority from day one. From the initial consultation to the final landscape touches and project handover.

We ensure the highest standards for each process. Commitment to quality means that we use top-quality materials and swimming pool construction techniques. We want your space to last year after year.


We are always on our schedules and keep you updated of your space transformation process. Our team works to deliver your project on time. You can trust us to deliver on our promised time frame and quality.


We make the entire process engaging and convenient for you. From the initial consultation to the detailed design, construction and handover, we handle everything in-house. We need you to share your dream plan and we take care of the further processes.

Customer-centric Approach

Customers are the center of what we do. We listen to our customers and work beyond exceeding expectations. Customer satisfaction is our main agenda. To address that, we tailor our services to meet your requirements for a perfect pool or backyard lawn.

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