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Feature Wall That Breathes a New Life into Your Property

If you have non fancy and dull walls, it’s high time that infuse your personality and taste with captivating feature walls. A feature wall can drastically turn your rooms into something you enjoy like a bold, colorful mural or a modern, minimal design language. Walk into your living room and enjoy the stunning wall that is a reflection of your taste and creative edge.

We offer endless possibilities from catchy paint designs to subtle-textured wallpapers. Don’t let dull walls ruin your space’s vibes. See how the power of design can help you create a center of attraction that leaves a lasting impact on your guests. Get started by exploring the latest feature wall ideas!

Elevate Your Outdoors with a Striking Outdoor Feature Wall

A unique outdoor design can be stressful to create. Make your neighbors and competitors envy your striking outdoor feature wall. We can transform any garden into a piece of art with a vibrant mosaic, a traditional stone arrangement or a modern metal installation. Host a backyard gathering just to stun your guests with your space’s backdrop.

A feature wall with a great design enhances beauty and adds value to your commercial as well as residential space. If your outdoors blends with your background, just explore outdoor wall designs and make your outdoors stand out. Explore our commercial landscaping and garden renovation services.

Create Serenity at Your Villa with a Water Wall Feature

A wall water feature outdoors is the element you need in your garden. It is the perfect solution to add peace and calmness to your space. Enjoy the subtle sound of flowing water that creates a peaceful ambience for you to relax after a long and tiring day. With a minimalist or classic stone waterfall design, our water wall feature designs can transform your gardens into a soothing experience.

See your stress melt away when you sit by the garden, listening to the calming water flow sound. This also adds to the visual appeal of the garden while promoting well-being.

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Transform Your Villa Backyard with Feature Wall Ideas

Turn your villa backyard into something with a spa-like retreat by adding captivating feature wall ideas.

Our feature walls can add a subtle touch of sophistication and luxury with elegant marble and chic tiles. Surround your pool with a beautifully designed wall that helps you and your guests relax. The right feature wall can transform your villa backyard with a modern and minimalist design to a more classic and opulent appeal.

You don’t need to settle for a simple and ordinary space. Transform your gardening experience with designs that speak more of your personality and bring a sense of calmness and luxe to your daily routine.

Outdoor Feature Wall Ideas for a More Stunning Green Space

Transform your outdoor space into something special with our outdoor feature wall ideas. Add a touch of creativity to your garden or backyard. Make your outdoors stand out with a live green wall or a bright and colorful mosaic or even a classic wood-based design. Host a barbeque or garden party to amaze your guests with future-proof and modern wall features in your backyard.

An out of the box design boosts your space’s aesthetics while creating a centrepiece for conversation starters with a touch of your personality. Stop living in that ordinary space and see how outdoor wall ideas can make you experience the transformation!

Enhance Your Space with Wall Mounted Water Features

Limited space for large water features is not an excuse to not have one for your space. Our expert designers and architects are good at optimizing spaces while not missing out on the design features with wall mounted water features. This helps with fitting an elegant and luxurious design to fit into any area without taking up much of the ground space.

Create a calm and peaceful ambiance in your backyard or garden with the soothing sound of flowing water from a stunning yet compact wall feature. Our wall mounted water features are designed to turn any space into a relaxing retreat with an option to choose modern designs as well as a traditional look. Boost the peace and calmness of your small gardens, patios or indoor green areas with wall mounted options.

Patterned Outdoor Feature Walls for a Stylish Look

A flat and uninteresting outdoors can be made lively again. Just add a little bit of depth and subtle texture pattern for feature walls. Turn your plain wall into an artwork with detailed grooves or bold geometric patterns. Add dynamic and captivating patterned wall elements to your garden or patio.

The right feature wall makes a major impact whether you choose a subtle textured design or a striking and bold pattern. Explore more of ElkinCorp’s patterned walls to get rid of your dull and boring outdoor area!

Stackstone Outdoor Feature Walls for a More Rugged Elegance

A natural yet refined aesthetics can be achieved by using a stackstone outdoor feature wall. These can be the perfect blend of rugged elegance. The natural stone texture gives a sophisticated appeal that blends seamlessly with different outdoors while adding durability and different vibes. This types of design not only boost beauty but also creates a strong and lasting impression. Stackstone feature walls can meet your needs whether you want a more classic and matte look or a sparkling and modern style. Contact us at +971 50 2828 704 for a free consultation with our experts

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