Transform Your Backyard into Luxury Swimming Pool

A premier swimming pool company thriving at turning your backyard into a luxurious retreat. Imagine Unwinding by the Pool with Crystal-clear Waters and a Lush Landscape.

Are you looking for a calm and relaxing lawn environment? Get yourself the private pool you have always dreamt of with our custom designed swimming pool. Elkin Corp has delivered top-notch projects and is one of Dubai’s most reputable pool contractors.

Best Swimming Pool Company in Dubai

We know that you dream of your personal backyard swimming pool. Stop searching as we are one of the best swimming pool companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and beyond these cities. Whether your preference is that of a modern, classic or outdoor swimming pool design. We have the right expertise and implementation experience to give your inner child the time to relax and entertain.

Being a professional swimming pool company, we have an in-house operation maintenance policy. From swimming pool construction, and swimming pool installation to swimming pool maintenance company and beyond. We have the experience and trust score to deliver the perfect level of detail that you desire. 

You need a pool to cool off or have fun with loved ones. Being one of the best swimming pool contractors in Dubai and beyond, several customers trust us. Our designs are captivating and functional, perfect for a Dubai C-level executive or a business person.

Turnkey Project Delivery

We ensure a smooth and stress-free transition from discovery to final construction and handover. Our team can handle the most complex of projects. We understand and work on the process from your dream to reality so you can enjoy your new, relaxing space that soothes your eyes.

As a leading swimming pool company, we know that every property owner has a different need and vision. We personalize pool solutions according to specific customer’s needs and preferences. Whether your dream is of a spa, exercise, hosting parties or a luxurious poolside relaxation.

Elkin Corp is a swimming pool company to helps customers bring their vision to this world. We pay close attention to details and strive to provide high-quality service.

We are one of the top swimming pool companies in Dubai. We take pride in our work. Our dedication sets us apart from the competition.

Swimming Pool Company
Swimming Pool Company

Your Final Stop to Swimming Pool Company Search

Have you been typing on Google for “swimming pool contractors near me”? This is your chance to stop and consider reading more about the best swimming pool contractors in Dubai.

Our team strives hard to turn dull backyards to bright, dreamy landscapes. We are skillful enough and bring years of expertise to create spaces. 

Our swimming pool company has created spaces that are not only beautiful but also highly relevant to customer lifestyles. Our commitment is to excel and exceed expectations as one of the most trusted swimming pool and landscaping companies in Dubai.

A Track Record of Success

We are a top swimming pool company in Dubai. We have 20 years of experience. We deliver high-quality projects.

We work with a wide range of clients. Our client base, and strong project portfolio are sheer proof of what we claim. We are skilled in handling the most challenging of projects and situations with precision and care.

From the discovery phase to pool installation and handover, our swimming pool company makes sure that the transition from each phase is smooth and stress-free. We are all into your dream until it turns into reality so you can enjoy your new, relaxing space that soothes your eyes.

We believe in our customers enjoying the final, breath-taking views of the pool and not the hassles of everything in between.

Types of Pool Designs We Offer

Elkin Corp offers several designs to cater to your preferences and ones that are a perfect fit for your space. As a top swimming pool design company, we believe in making your dreams happen. Whether you have a love for nature or enjoy the modern aesthetics, we have just the right p swimming pool design for you.

Plunge Pools

Perfect for small spaces and for those who desire a refreshing dip in a relatively small swimming area. Compact pools that are designed for soaking, relaxation, and cooling off on hot days. We specialize in the design and construction of plunge pools that have built-in seating, jets, and lighting for a perfect backyard endeavor.

Lap Pools

Ideal for fitness enthusiasts who prefer long, narrow pools for swimming laps. Lap pools are a perfect addition for a practical and appealing look, helping in daily workouts. Swimming pool companies in Dubai like Elkin Corp can guarantee pools that stand the test of time.

Concrete Pools

Concrete is super resilient and versatile. Our specialized design team articulates design possibilities based on your initial input. For pool construction and materials, we adhere to strict quality control and standards. This makes our concrete pools last longer and almost maintenance-free. 

Saltwater Pools

These pools are low maintenance with water that is safe for skin. Swimming pool builders like Elkin Corp use salt chlorinators.

These devices make chlorine from salt. The chlorine produced is gentle on the eyes and skin. Saltwater pools can adapt to your pool type and provide a natural swimming experience.

Vinyl Liner Pools

An entry-level and affordable pool option for homeowners. Vinyl liner pools made by top swimming pool construction company in Dubai have a flexible liner. This liner can be personalized for distinctive patterns and colors for a smooth and appealing surface. Vinyl liner pools last for years to come and maintain their beauty.

Cocktail Pools

Small, shallow pools for socializing and relaxing. These kinds of pools are not made for swimming and can be a statement of luxury entertainment to any space. Additional features for cocktail pools can be jets, heating, and built-in seating.

Fiberglass Pools

These are pre-manufactured pools that need to be installed by a professional pool construction or installation team. Fiberglass pools have renowned durability, low maintenance, and are quick to install.

Top swimming pool companies in Dubai make sure that their customers have a non-porous and smooth surfaced pool. These pool types are algae-resistant, require fewer chemicals and so, eco-friendly.

Gunite Pools

A popular choice among high-quality, custom swimming pools. The top swimming pool companies in Dubai use a concrete spray mixture. This mixture helps them build pools that are flexible in design and strong.

DIY Pool Kits

A handy, budget-friendly private pool solution. The DIY pool kit includes all materials and instructions needed to construct the pool. Being one of the leading swimming pool companies in Dubai and other cities in UAE, our team offers assistance in DIY pool installation.


A premium addition to any backyard. Spas provide a place to relax and rejuvenate. Whether you are looking for integrated spas with pools or a standalone spa. Top swimming pool companies like Elkin Corp can help you transform your outdoor space into a luxurious retreat.


A compact pool that combines the features of a spa and a swimming pool. Ideal for compact spaces and has the benefits of both unwinding and exercise. As a leading pool contractor in Dubai, we can maximize your outdoor space utilization while being practical and also adding a touch of elegance.

Freeboard Pools

A unique pool design where the water level is below the pool’s edge. Top swimming pool companies in Dubai specialize in freeboard pool construction. These pools are designed and constructed for a unique and refined design.


A popular choice for an enjoyable and therapeutic pool experience. Jacuzzis are better be designed and constructed by top swimming pool companies in Dubai.

Our creative designers can create premium jacuzzi designs that integrate with your pools or stand-alone. A well-built Jacuzzi that suits your personality and taste can be a soothing retreat.

Modern Pools

Our modern pools are perfect for you if you like sleek and trendy. These pools have a contemporary feel with clean lines and simple shapes and sizes. Our pool company offers a modern design for a fresh and updated backyard look.

Classic Pools

Our traditional pools are perfect for people who appreciate timeless elegance. These pools add classic curves and sophisticated features with a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. Swimming pool companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai excel at creating these eye-catching designs with immortal properties.

Natural Pools

For people close to nature, our natural pools are a wonderful option. These pools perfectly portray the natural environment. For that, they feature elements like rocks, plants, and waterfalls for a peaceful refuge. Elkin Corp is a pool contractor in Dubai that specializes in pools that are in harmony with nature.

Infinity Pools

This is the pool with stunning visual effects. These pools have an illusion of water extending into the horizon. This makes them the perfect choice for properties with scenic views. Pool companies in Dubai often suggest these luxurious infinity edged pools.

Custom Designs

Custom designs if you have unique visions. We tailor each pool to your preferences and the specific properties of your landscape. Whether you desire a creek-styled pool or a pool with an in-built spa. Our swimming pool construction experts are one of the best in the industry for bespoke designs.

Power of Modern, Relaxing Designs

Our pools turn your backyard into a peaceful and calming retreat with clean lines and calming colors. Feel the stress melt away as you relax by the water, enjoying the simple beauty of your private pool.

As a swimming pool company, we specialize in creating outdoor spaces that are everyday vacations. We have the experience and creativity to mix beauty with functionality. Our pool designs are not only for pools, they are entire experiences.

More than mere places to swim, our pools are made to relax and unwind. As a top swimming pool company, we first listen to your needs and preferences. We then work with those in our plan so we have a pool that fits your space and lifestyle.

Whether customers prefer to play, exercise or relax in the pool. We have the right design for each requirement.

Our modern designs are super practical yet luxurious. During our pool construction service, we use high-quality materials and modern construction techniques that ensure you love the pool for years to come.

Also, with our swimming pool maintenance services are here to make your lives easier. Our swimming pool contractors near you are ready to serve you with any pool repair or cleaning services.

swimming pool company in dubai

Why Choose Us

Creating your dream swimming pool is a journey. One, it that you expect the best of the outcomes. Choosing us as your swimming pool contractor is your right decision. Here’s why:


Our skilled team has turned numerous residential landscapes and villas into stunning and practical spaces as a leading swimming pool company. Ones that people admire.

Every project we deliver utilizes durable, high-quality materials. We work with the best swimming pool construction materials suppliers. Whether it is a simple pool installation or a swimming pool construction from scratch. We have the right skills and expertise to deliver beyond expectations.


For our swimming pool design services, we use cutting-edge 3D technology to visualize each pool even before construction. This ensures that our customers get to know beforehand what they get and see the exact level of details as in the actual pool.

We also specialize in above-ground swimming pool designs that are trendy yet minimalistic. Using modern swimming pool construction techniques saves our customers on construction materials, time, and cost.


We are a dedicated swimming pool company driven to exceed your expectations with every project. From initial discovery to final handover, we focus on customer happiness and satisfaction. Swimming pools can be a major investment. Elkin Corp is one of the most trusted swimming pool contractors in Dubai.

Quality paired with the best customer service is how our clients differentiate us from other swimming pool companies in Dubai. We are not your regular swimming pool contractor. We work as a partner along with our team throughout your journey.

Maintenance Made Easy

At Elkin Corp, we believe that pool ownership should be enjoyable. Not about the hassles and huge repair bills. Our comprehensive pool maintenance services ensure a pool that is ready to relax.

Regular Cleaning

We are a team of expert swimming pool contractors that keep your pools sparkling clean and debris-free. We maintain your swimming environment in a pristine condition so you can enjoy it. We work to clean your pool of leaves, dirt, and other unwanted items. Stop spending your weekends scooping out the leaves and leave it all to us!

Repairs and Upkeep

Pools need to be regularly maintained to be in top shape. Our swimming pool maintenance services cover everything from minor leak repairs to major pump replacement. Our skilled technical team can handle it all with zero hassles.

Water Quality Management

A safe and refreshing pool water is crucial. Our experienced team monitors and maintains the perfect chemical balance. This ensures that your pool water is always clean and healthy. We avoid the usage of harmful chemicals that cause itchy eyes and skin.

Your Pool Journey with Elkin Corp

Choose Elkin Corp, the best swimming pool company in Dubai. We guide you through each phase, making space transformation an enjoyable process.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation starts with a friendly chat to understand customer preferences and needs. One of Elkin Corp members listens carefully to customer space requirements. Whether it’s a simple pool installation, a custom pool construction a luxurious one, or even an above-ground swimming pool construction.

We consider our customer’s budgets and preferences when designing their pools to bring their dreams to life. We take into account what they can afford and what they desire in their pool design. Our goal is to make their dream pool a reality by understanding their needs and budget constraints.

In-depth Design

This is the next phase, our design team works on the detailed architecture and design along with the 3D models of your imagined space. As a top swimming pool company, we consider each aspect and detail so we have the perfect design.

Elkin Corp has the most creative designers on board who design unique pools each time using the latest technology. The use of the latest ensures that every aspect of your swimming pool design is tested and imagined to the highest standards.

Final Construction

This is the last phase where we bring in our skilled craftsmen to bring your dream pool to reality. Our top-notch pool construction service starts soon after we please you with our designs and finalize them. We handle everything from pool installation to the final touches of your space and handover.

We work with premium-grade pool construction materials suppliers as a leading swimming pool company in Dubai. This enables us to create pools that last for years to come.

Communication is key in every project. We work with you, keeping you informed and engaged. This helps us meet your expectations.

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