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Turn Your Outdoor Space Into a Breathtaking Scenery with UAE’s top landscaping company.

Get your lush green garden that reflects your personality. Whether it’s for a commercial or residential, we’ve got you covered as one of Dubai’s top landscaping companies. We are committed to giving life to your dreams.

We have gained diverse experience as one of the top landscaping companies in Dubai. From initial design to final delivery and even regular maintenance, our vast services cater to making your space captivating. If you searched for trusted landscaping companies in Dubai, you are at the right place. The best landscape contractors in the country create your dream outdoor environment.

Premier Landscaping Services

Elkin Corp offers premier landscaping services to residential and commercial clients. We have a good reputation across Dubai and the entire UAE.

We know the region’s climate and soil condition challenges. We are a leading landscape company in Dubai. This allows us to develop tailored solutions that are compatible with the local environment.

Find out why we are one of the most trusted landscaping companies in Dubai. Let the specialized landscape contractors in Dubai help you with creating an outdoor space that is not only captivating. But it is also an outdoor space that reflects your personality and needs. Contact the best landscaping companies in Abu Dhabi or any other city today to start your outdoor space transformation.

ElkinCorp’s Landscaping Services

We are committed to offering premier landscaping services. Services that are aligned with your landscaping needs. Whether you want to remodel your private lawn, revamp commercial property or only maintain your outdoor space.

Our team is one of the experienced landscape contractors who deliver stunning spaces. Explore our services below:

Residential Landscaping

We are one of the best Residential landscaping companies in Dubai. We specialize in creating stunning private gardens. Our designs reflect your taste and requirements.

As a landscape contractor, we ensure perfection in every detail, from initial designs to implementation and project handover. Enjoy a lush, green outdoor space to relax for an escape from the busy city life.

Residential Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping

The first impression is the last impression. Landscaping companies in UAE like Elkin Corp are experts at commercial landscaping.

Our professional and captivating environments leave a lasting impact on clients and visitors. To meet your commercial landscaping needs, we offer design, construction, and ongoing maintenance. Contact the best landscape companies in Dubai for an environment that boosts productivity and is also eye-catching.

Garden Landscaping

Garden landscaping is what landscaping contractors in Dubai and the UAE excel in. Our experienced consultants provide design and maintenance solutions to ensure a year-round vibrant and green garden.

We have worked around projects in the same climate challenges and gained extensive experience. Utilizing that expertise and experience, we use the highest-quality plants and materials that thrive in your lawn. Our team is committed to delivering delightful and sustainable green landscapes.

garden maintenance

Garden Maintenance

An attractive garden must be looked after by a professional team. We offer diverse garden maintenance services from basic lawn care to thorough pest control. Our team of professionals works on taking care of the garden’s beauty and practical aspects.

This ensures a hassle-free outdoor experience. Whether you prefer a weekly maintenance or a seasonal clean-up. ElkinCorp’s services keep your gardens in the best condition.

How Do The Top Landscaping Companies in Dubai Work?

Elkin Corp are committed to turning outdoor spaces into practical and appealing outdoor spaces. One that boosts your property.

The journey to a perfect landscape begins with finding the right landscaping company. Search for the top landscaping company in Dubai and UAE. Look for the company’s positive reviews and a portfolio most relevant to your project.

We have a track record of successful landscaping service delivery to different clients and in various project scales. A well-reputed company like Elkin Corp can ensure that your project is in good hands.


After shortlisting landscaping companies, schedule a consultation with the one that is your ideal. At Elkin Corp, we are here to listen to your dreams, analyze your space, and provide expert advice. This step allows for aligning your expectations with the possibilities within your budget. This in turn helps us set the base for a successful project handover.


The design phase begins after both parties are aligned on the expectations. Elkin Corp and other top landscape companies in Dubai create detailed design plans based on customer needs and preferences.

This process involves selecting the right plants and garden design, selecting the right materials, plants, and features that suit the outdoor space.


The construction phase begins as soon as we meet our customer with the designs. We handle everything from preparing the site to plant installation and maintenance, soft landscaping, hardscaping, and irrigation systems.

This phase requires the execution of the project exactly as per design to bring it to reality. Working with the top landscaping companies ensures the highest workmanship standards and timely project execution.

Project Handover

After the successful completion of the project, we hand over the project to the customers. The best landscaping companies in UAE make sure that your new outdoor space is not only appealing but also super practical. We have regular garden maintenance services to maintain the space’s condition, throughout the year.

Struggling with Landscaping Ideas? We are Here to Help You

Is it challenging to maintain your garden? Is it overwhelming to keep your outdoor space in great shape? According to a survey, many other businesses and homeowners face the same challenge when it comes to landscaping work.

One of the most professional and effective landscaping companies in Dubai is here to help. Elkin Corp understands your issues from a different perspective. We offer personalized outdoor plants for an aesthetic and practical space.

Overgrown or Neglected Garden

As one of the best landscape contractors in Dubai, we provide a wide range of garden maintenance services. Our gardens look the most cared after and green throughout the year. We offer regular trimming and pruning to weed control and soil care depending on your needs. We also offer the services of periodic garden maintenance and complete overhaul.

Lack of Time or Expertise

Busy work schedules and ineffective gardening knowledge. Our team of professional landscapers near you has the right expertise and experience. This enables them to effectively handle garden care. The ElkinCorp’s team caters to your garden care without having to lift a finger.

Ineffective Irrigation Systems

Ineffective or inefficient water distribution leads to water loss and unhealthy plants and green space. We specialize in the design and implementation of world-class irrigation systems. These irrigation systems optimize water usage and regulate healthy plant growth. This reduces water bills.

Poor Landscape Design

A poorly designed landscape diminishes the visual appeal of your property. Elkin Corp provides expert landscape design services. This helps create stunning and practical outdoor spaces. We bring your ideas to life which boosts your property value and appeal, from plan to project handover.

Seasonal Changes and Plant Health

A change in season can adversely affect your garden’s health and appeal. We offer seasonal garden care and acclimatization is part of our landscaping services in Dubai. Our plant curation is well-suited to the local climate and supported by the basic care to keep them thriving throughout the seasons.

Unreasonable Maintenance Costs

High maintenance can be an issue for consistent garden maintenance. Elkin Corp offers the most cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. We offer budget plans that fit your budget and ensure a lush, green garden.

Compact Outdoor Space

Designing for compact outdoor spaces can be a challenge. Landscape contractors in Dubai like Elkin Corp excels at maximizing the space use of compact outdoors.

Crafting future-proof and practical solutions that make the most of each unit area. Whether it’s a relaxing garden corner or a small terrace. Our team has the experience and expertise to bring your dream to life, making your outdoor experience enjoyable.

Finding a Trusted Landscaping Company

Finding landscaping companies near you that can be trusted is a big deal. ElkinCorp’s commitment to delivering excellence is a game changer.

We are a top landscaping company in Dubai, focusing on providing long-lasting landscaping services for our customers’ satisfaction.

Why Choose Us

Impact your outdoor space transformation significantly by choosing the right landscaping company. The best landscaping companies in Dubai deliver exceptional service and stunning results. We stand out as industry leaders with our unique expertise, experience, and commitment to deliver quality with every project. Some of the reasons you should choose Elkin Corp are:

Experience and Expertise

Our team brings versatile experience and expertise in the region’s challenges and opportunities. We are amongst the best landscape companies in Dubai.

We are renowned for our future-proof designs and specialized execution. An industry-specific experience in delivering high-quality projects and satisfying customers makes us one of the top landscaping companies in Dubai.

Innovative Solutions

We are one of the landscaping companies in UAE that personalizes high-end solutions for customers. Our creative and specialized team delivers incredible outdoor space solutions. From garden landscaping services to a complete outdoor space makeover.

We are distinguished from other landscaping companies in Abu Dhabi and the UAE with our distinct and future-proof methodology. Our experts excel at creating an impressive and sustainable outdoor experience by using the latest landscaping technology and methods.

Superior Quality

Elkin Corp believes in delivering the highest quality of materials and projects. We stick to the highest workmanship and material standards as the best landscape companies in Dubai. Outdoor spaces designed and implemented by Elkin Corp are not only practical but also a timeless piece of art. Our diligence and dedication to distinctive designs make us the most preferred choice amongst landscaping companies in Dubai and the UAE.


Elkin Corp is one of the most reliable landscaping companies in Dubai and the entire UAE. This is because we understand timely project delivery and consistent communication.

We ensure that your project has a smooth start and handover. That’s not what we say but what our clients have to say. Our ever-strengthening reputation as trusted landscape contractors in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is supported by constant promise delivery.


Elkin Corp offers services for residential and commercial landscaping needs, providing efficient and effective solutions for all projects. If you searched for “landscaping companies near me” on Google, our experts are available to take your calls.

Customer-centric Approach

A customer-focused approach helps us stand out from other landscaping companies in the UAE. We work with customers, prioritizing their dreams and requirements for an outdoor space. A space that reflects their needs and preferences.

We strive to exceed expectations, with a proven track record of delivering successful projects to satisfied clients. We are committed to exceptional customer service and diligent personalization to details. Choose us to see the difference true professionalism and talent for landscaping can drive.

Ready for an Elegant Outdoor Space Transformation?

Think of a stunning and well-maintained space. A space that not only boosts your property’s aesthetic appeal but also adds value to your property.

As a leading landscaping company in Dubai, we specialize in creating stunning outdoor spaces that reflect your vision and requirements. Whether you seek residential property landscaping or a commercial landscaping solution. Elkin Corp has the expertise and talent to bring your dream outdoor space to life.

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