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What is the Ideal Water Level in A Swimming Pool? Experts Advice

In a swimming pool, the filtration system can only function properly with an adequate water level. Whether this level is too high or too low, you run into problems with water filtration and, consequently, with the quality of the water in your pool. You, therefore, understand that it is necessary not to neglect to monitor the water level in your swimming pool. Hire the services of swimming pool construction companies in Dubai.

Consequences of Too Low A Water Level

With the natural evaporation of water linked to high heat and wind, splashes caused by playing in the pool, diving, etc., it is common for the level to drop.

But this drop can also be due to a leak, which may require the intervention of one of the swimming pool construction companies in Dubai professional. 

However, if you think that the reasons previously mentioned do not justify such a drop-in, you need to level your pool to avoid the following problems:

Self-Priming Slurry Pumps:

If the water level drops below the skimmers, they suck in air instead of water and send it to the pump, which has the effect of depriving it and damaging the entire filtration system. If this happens, you will need to reboot.

self priming slurry pump

Overheating of the motor:

If you do not quickly realize that the pump is unprimed, overheating threatens its motor.

Consequences of Too High A Water Level

After heavy rain events, the water level may be higher than it should be, putting your pool at risk of problems. Indeed, if the skimmers are entirely below the water level and no longer receive air, they can no longer suck up impurities and other debris. Without prompt intervention, the following can happen.

The water in your pool will become more and more dirty.

Bacteria and other microorganisms will have an environment conducive to their development.

Algae will start to invade your pond.

You will have to carry out a complete cleaning and appropriate treatment.

You, therefore, understand that as soon as the water level is too high, it is important to lower it quickly. 

To do this, place the pump in the Evacuation position and drain the overflow following the manufacturer’s instructions. Moreover, call a professional of the swimming pool construction companies in Dubai.

Use of Slow Chlorine for Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Water treatment is a crucial step in maintaining the water quality of your pool, whether it has too low or too high a water level. To do this, slow chlorine can be an effective ally.

Slow chlorine is a chemical intended to purify swimming pool water. It is a powerful sanitizer that kills bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that can grow in your pool water. It has the advantage of being slow-release, which means that it dissolves gradually, allowing continuous and long-lasting disinfection of the water.

If the water level is too low, using slow chlorine can help keep the water clean and clear until you have a chance to replenish it. When the water level is too high, an increased dose of slow chlorine may be necessary to ensure all excess water is properly treated.

However, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using slow chlorine, as improper use can lead to problems such as corrosion of pool equipment or skin and eye irritation for swimmers. We strongly recommend hiring a professional from one of the swimming pool construction companies in Dubai.

It is also crucial to remember that slow chlorine is not a substitute for good pool water level management. It’s just another layer of protection to help keep your pool water healthy and safe.


Restarting the Pool After a Gap

At the end of the season, restarting the swimming pool is an essential step that should not be neglected. It not only ensures that your pool is ready for the new swimming season but also prevents problems that can arise from an incorrect water level.

The first step in getting started again is to check the water level in the pool. If the level is too low due to evaporation, it will need to be readjusted to avoid problems such as the pump becoming unprimed. If the water level is too high, it will have to be lowered to avoid problems linked to poor suction of impurities by the skimmers.

Restarting also includes cleaning the pool and equipment, restarting the pump, checking for leaks, readjusting the water balance and initially treating the water with slow chlorine or another suitable disinfectant. It is advisable to hire a professional from one of the swimming pool construction companies in Dubai to carry out this task, especially if you are new to pool maintenance.

Restarting the pool after a gap is also the ideal time to check the effectiveness of your water level regulator and to ensure that your thermal cover or roller shutter is in good condition and ready for the coming season.

Measure the Necessary Water Level

To avoid all these hazards, it is therefore important to know the ideal water level for your swimming pool. If your pool is in-ground and you have built-in skimmers, nothing could be simpler. Hire the services of swimming pool construction companies in Dubai.

swimming poolwater level

How to Limit Fluctuations in The Water Level of The Swimming Pool?

As we have seen, close monitoring of the water level is necessary to avoid all the inconveniences that may result from its drop or excessive rise. Certain equipment can also help you maintain the correct water level:

A thermal cover or a roller shutter:

They will allow you to prevent water from evaporating during the night or when the pool is not in use.

A water level regulator:

This very ingenious instrument monitors the water level for you. In addition, not only does it allow you to control the water level in the pool, but, above all, it will act accordingly.

This is a device that is equipped with probes or mini-floats that constantly assess the water level. In view of his findings, it activates the device according to needs.

However, it does not relieve you of all surveillance because although it is very practical, this device can also hide a leak. In fact, it will fill the pool every time it is necessary, but in the event of a leak, the level continually drops and you risk ending up with a high-water bill.

Importance of Swimming Pool Construction Companies in Dubai

Swimming pool construction companies in Dubai are instrumental in upholding the significance of maintaining cleanliness and water levels in swimming pools. In a region known for its scorching temperatures, these companies are the guardians of safe and inviting aquatic environments. By carefully managing water quality, adhering to regulatory standards, and preventing the growth of harmful contaminants, they ensure the health and safety of swimmers. 

Additionally, their expertise in conserving water, optimizing energy usage, and addressing maintenance issues promptly not only contributes to the longevity of pool equipment but also supports water conservation efforts in a region where freshwater resources are limited. In this way, swimming pool construction companies in Dubai play a pivotal role in safeguarding the aesthetic appeal, functionality, and sustainability of swimming pools, benefiting both residential and commercial property owners alike.