The 5 Steps of Landscaping Design by Landscape Construction Companies in Dubai

Do you want to beautify your outdoor space and enhance the value of your property? For this, professional landscape design is essential. Indeed, landscape construction companies in Dubai architects are able to create beautiful green spaces for you by combining elegance, functionality and quality. But to get a better landscape design, it is important to go through obligatory steps to guarantee an optimal result. Discover the 5 stages of landscape design carried out by landscape construction companies in Dubai.

1 – Planning the Landscaping Project

Good planning ensures the success of a landscaping project. To do this, you must know your needs and the elements you want to integrate into your garden including plants, lighting, patios, water features, etc. But it is also necessary to know your budget because it will have an impact on the completion of your landscaping project.

With your landscape architect, you can design your project planning according to your needs and your budget. Landscape construction companies in Dubai Professionals will be able to submit landscape design ideas to you and create your project with plans.

2 – Designing 3D Drawings and Plans

Once your needs have been identified and your ideas transmitted, the landscape architect is able to link his ideas with yours. In order to obtain a precise idea of your project, it is possible to bring your landscaping to life by visualizing it virtually using sketches, drawings and 3D plans.

You will thus observe the volume of your garden, the plants that will be planted, the textures created, as well as the integrated decorative elements. Thanks to the 3D drawings and plans, you will have no unpleasant surprises because you will see your project in advance!

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3 – The Selection of Plants, Materials and Other Elements

Plants and materials are very important in your landscaping design to create a harmonious and elegant green space. By selecting them carefully, you can obtain unique and original green spaces. Landscape architects of landscape construction companies in Dubai know the best combinations of plants, materials and decorative elements and have extensive creative talent.

In addition, the landscape architect takes care of the creation of patios and water features, as well as the installation of a lighting system. All these elements contribute to a beautiful outdoor space!

4 – Creating Your Landscaping

After good planning and a careful and personalized selection of your plants, materials and other decorative elements, your landscaping project will be carried out in excellent conditions.

landscape construction companies in Dubai Landscapers have the right equipment and expertise to create your garden with professionalism, passion and creativity. To do this, your patios are built, your paths and walls are laid out, your water spaces are created and your plants are planted. All this for a surprising result both functionally and aesthetically. You will be able to appreciate your landscaping all year round!

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5 – Landscaping Maintenance

Suppose you want to maintain the quality of your landscaping from year to year and thus not lose the beauty of your investment. In that case, you must call on landscape construction companies in Dubai landscapers to regularly maintain your green spaces.

As the seasons go by, trees grow taller and weeds grow, so it is necessary to enhance your garden in all seasons. For this, landscaping maintenance is an effective and sustainable solution!

To obtain quality landscaping, it is recommended that you call one of the best landscape construction companies in Dubai as a landscaper who is authorized by Local authorities to carry out the project. Elkin Pool and Landscape is a company specializing in landscaping design for over 12 years. To do this, call +971 4 330 6755 today.