Planting Trees | How to Plant Different Types of Trees?

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We are starting to realize more and more how planting trees is really important. Trees help our planet in many ways, like reducing the bad stuff in the air and giving homes to animals. Because of all these good things, lots of people all over the world are getting interested in planting trees.

But, which kind of tree should you plant? And what good things does each type of tree do? You’ve probably heard of Fir and Oak trees, but what about Pistache or Ginkgo trees? What good stuff do they do? Planting a tree is simpler than you might imagine. Here’s all you need to know:

While you’re planting the tree, make sure to water it well to make sure the roots get wet. If the roots are dry, they might not accept water from the soil around them. You can also mix some seaweed product with the water to help the tree adjust to its new home and grow better roots.

You should dig a hole for the tree that’s about two times bigger than the root ball it already has. It’s more important to dig deep rather than making it very wide. Make sure the hole is deep enough so that the roots can be fully covered. It’s better to have a bigger and deeper hole, but you don’t need to make it extremely large.

Make your soil better so the plant can live for a long time. If the soil is clay-like, you can add gypsum to make it drain better, and add compost to give it more organic stuff and structure. If the soil is sandy, using compost is really important because it keeps the soil around the roots wet.

When you take the plant out of its pot, try to be gentle and keep the roots as whole as you can. If the plant’s roots are healthy, it’s best not to disrupt them too much because it can stress the plant. However, if the roots are crowded in the pot or don’t look good, you can carefully separate the ones at the very bottom.

Position the plant inside the hole and use soil to conceal its roots. Firmly press the soil around the plant, but leave a small hollow at the top. This will help collect rainwater directly over the roots, which is valuable in our climate.

Give the plant a good watering. This helps the soil settle around the plant and lets the roots touch the soil properly. It’s like giving the plant its first drink if the soil is dry, and it helps the plant get more water even if the soil is already a bit wet.

Now, you know how to plant a tree. Keep reading to find out how to plant different types of trees and the good things they bring.

There are three main ways to plant trees: planting seeds directly, using young trees from containers, and using bare-root trees from nurseries. Each method has its own good and not-so-good points, so it’s essential to think about which one will be best for the particular place where you want to plant trees before choosing.

Transplanting Trees

Moving trees from one spot to another is called transplanting. People do this when they want to move big, rare, or really nice trees to a different place. Transplanting isn’t always the best way to plant a tree, but it can be very helpful in certain situations. Moving a tree has a speed advantage. If someone has a healthy, grown-up tree they want to move, transplanting is faster than planting new seeds and waiting for them to grow. Also, transplanting can keep the same kind of tree in different places on their property or yard, which keeps the tree family the same.

However, there are some dangers when moving trees. If a tree is taken out of its home too early or if its roots get hurt while moving, it might not get enough food when it’s put in a new place. This can make the tree grow poorly or even die. Also, how big and old the tree is matters because bigger trees can get stressed from changes in the soil and temperature when they’re moved.

transplanting tress

Planting Trees Using Seeds

Growing a tree from a seed is a great way to be part of its entire life, right from the start. But it takes some know-how and getting ready to give it the best chance to grow well. Planting trees from seeds can be a good choice because they can turn into strong and special trees, depending on their genes. However, it takes a lot longer for these trees to grow compared to planting ones that are already grown, sometimes taking several years for them to do really well with this slow method.

People who like to plant trees from seeds say it’s not expensive because you skip a step. But a challenge you might face is getting the seeds to start germination. Some tree types need special treatment like scratching their outer coat or giving them a cold period before they’ll sprout. Also, seeds collected from the wild often don’t sprout well, and how many of them grow can change as the seasons go by

Planting Bare-Root Trees

It is a smart choice to plant bare-root trees for small or big gardens. These are trees that were recently moved and are sold without the dirt around their roots. So they’re easier to move around compared to other types of trees. You can plant them in winter when they’re not very active, and they can make your garden look fantastic, depending on the kind of tree you choose.

Planting bare-root trees has its benefits. They are usually cheaper than potted trees because they’re easier to move around. So, you can save money when buying young trees for your garden, and they don’t need much fuss when you plant them. This is great for new gardeners or people who are short on time. Also, you can find lots of different types of trees, like fruit trees, pretty trees, and trees that belong to your area, as bare-root options, which you might not always find in other arrangements.

planting bare root trees

To Sum Up

There are various ways to plant trees, such as using trees from containers, balled and burlapped trees, planting seeds directly, digging trenches, and using a dibble bar to plant. Each way of planting trees has its own good points, depending on the kind of tree you want to grow and the weather where you live. So, whether you want to add a certain type of tree to your garden, picking the right method can make your trees do really well.

Several landscaping and outdoor services companies in the UAE are actively involved in tree planting initiatives. These companies offer a range of services dedicated to environmental conservation and sustainability. Through tree planting, they contribute to increasing green spaces in the arid landscape of the UAE, which not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the region but also helps combat desertification and improve air quality. Many of these companies collaborate with governmental and non-governmental organizations to execute large-scale tree planting projects, often using native and drought-resistant tree species. These initiatives align with the UAE’s broader vision for environmental stewardship and are an essential part of the country’s commitment to combat climate change and promote a sustainable future.

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