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In-Ground Pool - Everything You Need to Know About Landscaping

Everything You Need to Know About Landscaping an In-Ground Pool

Do you want to take full advantage of all the seasons in Dubai? Would you like to add value to your outdoor space? An in-ground swimming pool is a real aesthetic and comfort asset in a backyard. The in-ground pool is ideal for cooling off on hot summer days and for friends or children to have fun. A place of friendliness, the in-ground swimming pool is also a central element of your backyard. It is important to choose the landscaping around your in-ground pool carefully. Here are some tips from a renowned one of the best Pool and landscape companies in dubai!

Planning is the Heart of Your In-Ground Pool Project

To ensure the success of such a project, nothing is better than good planning! Many owners wrongly neglect the planning phase. Indeed, this is the most important step when installing an in-ground swimming pool.

During this stage, it is strongly recommended that you call on an experienced landscaper from a renewed Pool and landscape company before purchasing your swimming pool. In fact, the landscaper will go on site to analyze your outdoor space to determine the feasibility of your project based on your expectations and preferences and the specificities of your backyard. You can then contact a Pool and landscape company specialist who will offer you an in-ground swimming pool of the right dimensions.

After analyzing your exterior land, the Pool and landscape company will also be able to offer you drawings and plans so that you can visualize your project and approve it.

Remember that the swimming pool is the central element of your backyard, but its landscaping will create its aesthetic, friendly and unique appearance.

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Harmony For an Aesthetic Garden

When you think about your landscaping around the in-ground pool, it is essential to make it as harmonious as possible. Your landscaper from Pool and Landscape Company will create a beautiful synergy between your property, fences, materials, furniture, plants, and swimming pool.

The more harmonious your inground pool landscaping is, the more friendly and welcoming it will be.

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Each Element Has Its Importance

In landscaping, nothing should be left to chance; everything must be thought of. The Pool and landscape company in dubai professional will be there to advise you on the best solutions based on your needs and preferences. In particular, you should think about the following:


Mandatory to ensure everyone’s safety, fences are also an integral part of your landscaping. Available in several colors, sizes and materials, fences can create a beautiful atmosphere around your in-ground pool.

The Pool Surround:

It is important that your pool surround is made of non-slip and safe materials that resist bad weather, UV rays, but also the presence of water. You are also advised to opt for pale colors to highlight your in-ground pool.


Planting different types of plants is an undeniable asset for enhancing the landscaping of your in-ground pool. Opt for plants that tolerate water, salt and chlorine, but also plants that require little maintenance. Use your trees or shrubs to create a place full of privacy if necessary.


If your inground pool is well built, you will have enough space around your pool to install furniture: outdoor dining table, deck chairs, armchairs, hammocks, sofas, benches, and much more!

Each Element Has Its Importance

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