How to Maintain Your Garden? Advice from Elkin Pool and Landscape Company in Dubai

Taking good care of your garden can make your veggies, fruits, and plants healthier and last longer. Most plants need several hours of sunlight, but different types of plants need different care. Learning how to look after your garden properly is essential to keep your outdoor plants and pretty flowers healthy all year round. Instead of waiting for issues in your garden, preventing them from the start is smarter.

Here are 10 ways to do that and keep your garden healthy.

Taking care of plants can be easy when you know what to do. Here are some important tips for keeping your garden vibrant and healthy:

Inspect Your Plants to See If They Are Healthy

When you’re putting new plants in your garden, whether you bought them or grew them from seeds, always check them carefully. Look for any signs of bugs or rot. If you bring in plants that are already sick, it can make your whole garden sick. Besides plant diseases, get rid of harmful bugs like whiteflies, gnats, and aphids using the right bug sprays or other ways.

plants inspection

Give Your Plants the Right Amount of Water

Giving too much water can make fungi grow, cause spots on leaves, and make your plants sick. Only water your plants as much as they need during the growing season, based on what type of plant they are. Let the dirt dry a bit before watering again to avoid giving them too much. The key is to keep your garden soil moist but not soaked and avoid getting the plant leaves wet. Water the soil directly. It’s simple to do when you water by hand, but if you want to automate it, choose a drip irrigation system instead of sprinklers.

Take Care of Your Soil

Soil gets worse as time goes by and needs a refresh now and then. You can get new soil at a nearby garden store. Just check your garden soil to see if it’s still good; replace it. Using mulch is also helpful. It keeps the soil moist and stops weeds from growing. Plus, it adds good stuff to your soil when it starts to get bad. Another way to keep your garden healthy is by giving it plant food. Depending on what you’re growing, use a suitable amount of plant food and put it on the soil the right way so your plants aren’t stressed.

plants soil

Make Sure Your Gardening Tools Are Clean

Cleaning your garden tools is important to stop sickness and avoid moving harmful stuff into your garden. Besides the other ways to take care of your garden, clean tools can also make your garden stay healthy for a long time.

Take Care of Your Plants Regularly

Take care of your plants by doing a few important things.

Remove old flowers to make room for new ones to grow.

Cut back some of the branches to control how your plants grow and make space for more.

Get rid of the unhealthy parts of your plants and open up more space for your garden to grow well.

These gardening steps help your garden grow better, get rid of hidden pests, and make room for your flowers or veggies to thrive.

Get Rid of the Weeds

Weeds are bad for gardens. They can smother your healthy plants’ roots, hide pests, and look ugly. Weeds also use up the space and nutrients your plants need. So, getting rid of weeds in your garden helps it stay healthy and let your plants grow.

Keep Animals Away

Put a fence made of wire around your garden to stop animals and pests from ruining your plants. This kind of fence keeps your garden safe and lets it get sunlight, unlike some other fences that might block the sun.

When insects harm plants, it’s not just about how they look. Viruses and bacteria can sometimes only get into a plant if there’s a way in, like through insect damage. Some bugs even carry viruses and pass them from one plant to another.

Support Your Plants with Stick

Support your plants by placing sticks in the ground and tying their stems to the sticks with cloth or string. This helps plants like tomatoes, peppers, or cucumbers stay upright and healthy by preventing their stems from bending or breaking.

To have a successful garden, you need to choose the right plants for your area and where you want to put them. For example, if you place a plant that likes shade in a sunny spot, it won’t grow well and might get sick from bugs and diseases.

plant support stick

Companion Plants

Companion planting means planting different crops together in your garden to help them grow better. It can make your plants grow more, attract helpful insects like bees, keep away pests, and create a good environment for useful bugs. Intercropping is a smart way to make sure your garden and flowers do well by planting the right neighbors for them.

When you put plants too close to each other, they don’t grow well because they fight for sunlight, water, and food. These struggling plants can get sick more easily. Diseases can also spread from one plant to another when they touch each other.

Give Raised Beds A Shot

Consider using raised beds or garden containers in your garden. They can make your plants live longer. Raised beds are helpful if you want to begin with a small area or have different sections for your plants. They have edges, let water flow away properly, and stop weeds from the paths from bothering your garden.

raised a bed shot

To Sum Up

Gardening is easy if you follow some simple steps. First, ensure your plants are healthy, water them correctly, and keep your gardening tools clean. Protect your green  from pests and animals. You can also use methods like staking to help your plants grow well and companion planting to keep away pests. Choose the right plants for your garden and give them enough space. Be careful with insects because they can bring diseases to your plants. Raised beds can be useful, too, as they help with drainage and stopping weeds. Just follow these easy tips, and your garden will stay healthy and grow well. However, we always suggest hiring the services of a professional Pool and Landscape Company in Dubai to keep your Dream Garden beautiful.

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