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Fountain and Water Feature Services in Dubai

If you want to make your outdoor space look amazing, you can consider a water feature like a fountain or a pond. These water features can make your backyard or garden special and also make the place feel relaxing. But it’s important to ensure the people you hire to build and maintain these water features are good at their job. That’s where we can help.

As a reliable Pool and Landscape Company in Dubai, we’re really good at making beautiful garden water features. We pay a lot of attention to every project we work on, from coming up with ideas to making them happen. Our talented landscaping team works really hard, and you can see their dedication in the amazing results. Water moving in a garden makes the place feel peaceful and relaxing.

When we mix the beauty of natural water with our talent for making garden pools, ponds, fountains, and other cool water stuff, you’ll have the garden you’ve always wanted. We’re really good at what we do, and our clients are always amazed by our work.

Why Should You Pick Us for Installing Garden Water Features?

Our talented team of landscape craftsmen, designers, and planners can handle any challenging pool or garden water fountain project. We promise to deliver outstanding results.

Elkin Pool and Landscape Company Specializes In:

Garden and Deck Pools

It gets hot in the summertime, and it’s nice to cool off. Going to the pool for just an hour can make your day better. Pools are also great for having fun and hosting awesome parties for both adults and kids. Our team has worked on many pool projects, and the results have been even better than what people expected.

Garden Fountain

A fountain is a wonderful mix of nature and human creativity that can make any home better. If you want a beautiful fountain with flowing water in your garden, you can count on Elkin Pool and Landscape Company to make it happen. No matter what design you’re thinking of or how you imagine your perfect fountain, we can bring it to life for you.


When we talk about beautiful water features, ponds come to mind. We can create a pond that looks natural or one with a lining. You can also choose to add water plants for a natural look or choose something contemporary. Whatever you want, Elkin Pool and Landscape Company is a trustworthy company to make your outdoor area better. No matter if your outdoor area is big or small, there’s always space for a beautiful water feature made by Elkin Landscape.


Custom-Made Designs

Our designers use your ideas, the nature around you, and other things to make a unique and special look for your garden.

Immaculate Planning

We’ll make sure to meet all your landscaping needs with high-quality work right from the start. Your vision is the most important thing to us.

High-Quality Materials

We take pride in ensuring all our services for pools, ponds, and garden fountains in Dubai are of good quality. We get our materials from suppliers who are known for being the best in the market.

Ultimate Safety

Creating big water features, like large fountains, needs to be completed carefully, especially when it comes to safety. We make sure to be careful during and after we finish the project.

Skilled Workers

Besides working on pools and fountains for homes, we’ve also completed many water feature projects for businesses. We have the tools and expertise needed to handle your commercial water feature installation too.

Reasonable Cost

Elkin Pool and Landscape Company makes sure that services are priced reasonably. We want to keep things affordable because we think that anyone who wants a beautiful water feature should be able to have one without spending too much money.